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Mission statement


The focus of all activities of the company is on surviving through continued growth and profitability. In this regard, we are trying to develop our business scope in the steel industry with producing high quality products in accordance with international standards with a valid name and address in mine, mining industries, and production of equipment and technical engineering and public services. By the grace of God, in order to have a role in the mining industry, Takado is determined to strengthen the value chain of companies covered by using modern technology and working in the capital market and to participate in international markets and to develop domestic markets.


We are trying to be in the top row of companies with pioneering in each of the main sectors of activity. We have been able to deliver competitive products in the market with effective presence in regional markets.


Customers: customers’ satisfaction and meeting their needs is the most important thing for us.

Employees: we like to help our employees to improve their knowledge and skills and stimulate their abilities.

Suppliers: We are committed to the principles of mutual respect and fair distribution of benefits

With suppliers: we want long-term relationships, based on a win-win system.

Shareholders: We try to provide continuous benefits for shareholders; we gain their

Population and people: We believe that we are responsible for the environment in which we are activating; therefore, we step toward development and promotion of the country.

Government: we try to have good interaction and communication with public and environmental organizations.

Technology: We know that technology is the key to rapid economic development, so we focused on the use of new technologies in the company.

Information systems: we focus on decision making based on reliable and up to date information; and it is the basis for our work.

Time Management: In order to continue the growth and development of the company, it is not worth for a while; and we believe that effective and efficient use of time is the key levers towards excellence.

Systems, structures and processes: we are trying to provide an environment full of energy and efficiency and effectiveness by systems, appropriate structures and enlightening processes. Description of activities, products, images, contact information