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About Takado

Introduction to Takado

Takado Company was established in line with privatization policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1369. It has played a significant role with the expansion of their activities in order to achieve the goals of the state's economy. The main purpose of the company is to supply shareholders through partnerships and investments in shares of companies both Iranian and foreign with the field of mining, industrial, commercial, transportation, engineering and financial services. In this way, Takado is going ahead by making overall and strategic and management policy, providing essential design and engineering services, identifying investment opportunities, studies and technical, scientific, business and economic research, supplying financial interests in investee companies in order to achieve the higher goals set forth in the articles of association of the company consistent with Ehya Sepahan Industries and Mines Complex Company as major shareholder of Takado.


The focus of all activities of the company is on surviving through continued growth and profitability. In this regard, we are trying to develop our business scope in the steel industry with producing high quality products in accordance with international standards with a valid name and address in mine, mining industries, and production of equipment and technical engineering and public services. By the grace of God, in order to have a role in the mining industry, Takado is determined to strengthen the value chain of companies covered by using modern technology and working in the capital market and to participate in international markets and to develop domestic markets.


We are trying to be in the top row of companies with pioneering in each of the main sectors of activity. We have been able to deliver competitive products in the market with effective presence in regional markets.

Major achievements of Takado

logo iconProviding more than 12% of coal production in the country

logo iconThe largest producers of manganese ore in the country

logo iconPioneer in upstream and downstream industries of steel

logo iconThe largest provider of technical and engineering services in various industries such as cement and steel industries in the country

logo iconCompetent in the field of transport and handling of passengers throughout the country

logo iconThe largest manufacturers of refractory materials in the country

logo iconexporting technical and engineering services to neighboring countries

logo iconCompanies active in the field of foreign trade

logo iconOf the largest companies in the field of super heavy components Mission